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SE30 Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig

SE30 Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig

As a new type of piling machine, SE30 hydraulic rotary drilling rig combines new technology and process of modern full hydraulic piling machinery, endowing the machine features like easy operation, good mobility, and high working efficiency. Equipped with international famous brand key components, our product has stable and reliable quality, and has reached the advanced level of same products in the world.

Hydraulic rotary drilling rig has many advantages because of its special structure. With the rotary head on the bottom, the round mast has a unique sealing design to make sure that mud will not enter the casing of the rotary head, so the operation is safe and reliable. High rotation speed of the rotary head and high up-and-down speed ensure high drilling efficiency, and short Kelly bars are proper for the rotary drilling rig to work in small space and certain depth. With the help of special transmission system and alignment system, users can operate the machine more safely and steadily.

The drilling equipment has very light weight and compact structure, due to the fact that the Kelly bars are fitted within the round mast, the main winch and auxiliary winch are well ranged, and high-strength materials are adopted. Fitted in the front arm of the excavator and equipped with the integrated liquid control box, the hydraulic rotary drilling rig will not change the structure of the excavator, so it can be matched with excavators at the same ton from different factories, and it is also very easy to install.

When put down to the level and close to the ground, the drilling device can be transported as a whole, so dismantlement is unnecessary and transportation is convenient. Thanks to its special structure, hydraulic rotary drilling rig has wide working ranges and is able to work in places that traditional rotary drilling equipment can not reach, such as large slope, low space, indoor space, uneven ground, etc. In addition, it can be fitted with different drilling tools like long or short auger, bucket, and core barrel, etc.

With its unique advantages mentioned above, our rotary drilling device is widely applied to the construction of infrastructures, and can work in the blank fields that can not be reached by traditional rotary drilling equipment. Now this new product is showing the vitality of a new generation of rotary drilling rigs.

Specifications of SE30 Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig
Model Numbers SE30
Max. height of rig(mm) 13121
Weight of rig(without excavator)(kg) 6400
Crowd system
Stroke( mm ) 910
Pressure force (kN) 100
Main winch
Single line pull(kN) 100
Rope diameter(mm) 18
Line speed max(up)(m/min) 40
Line speed max (down)(m/min) 70
Auxiliary winch
Single line pull (kN) 25
Rope diameter(mm) 10
Line speed max(m/min) 40
Diesel Cummins C8.3
Diesel engine power(kW) 198
Max. rotation speed(rpm) 2000
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic system flow (L/min) 2×280
Hydraulic pressure(bar) 323
Rotary head
Rotary torque(kN.m) 30
Rotary speed(rpm) 30
Jilt soil speed(rpm) 80
Angle (°) 10
Able to match all kinds of excavators according to abilities
Drilling parameter
Drilling diameter(mm) 1500
Drilling depth(m) 30
Type of Kelly bar (optional according to user's special requirement) φ356/6 Friction Type

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